Avenacare™ Oat Beta Glucan

Avenacare™ Oat Beta Glucan

The active ingredient for healthy-looking skin and hair 

Tate & Lyle’s Oat Beta Glucan is the natural way to incorporate the power of oats into your cosmetics and personal care products.

Avenacare™ is a gently prepared solution of oat beta glucan soluble fibre that is derived from the oat bran of high quality, non-GMO Swedish oats, using a patented process without chemical addition.

Soothing Avenacare™ Oat Beta Glucan...  

Avenacare™ has been shown to soothe skin and reduce the appearance of skin redness. This makes it ideal for natural skin care and personal care products designed to soothe the skin, ease the effects of sun exposure or insect bites, and provide gentle relief for skin conditions that cause redness or discomfort.

Avenacare™ Oat Beta Glucan is used in hair care products aimed at improving the tensile hair strenght, as well as moisturising dry and flaky scalps.  

Avenacare™ composition and technical data
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Chart Technical data

Avenacare™ Oat Beta Glucan, sensitively produced using the finest Swedish oats, is easy to formulate with and brings the benefits of oat beta glucan to a diverse range of product applications.

Insoluble fibres, proteins and oil present in the original oat bran are removed by centrifugation rather than by harsh chemical processing. Avenacare™ is supplied as a paraben-free preserved liquid.

Soluble oat beta glucan             1.0%
Oat maltodextrins                       1.9%

Aqua                                         97.0%